Trust Deed Investing

Trust Deed Investing

If you are interested in learning more about Trust Deed Investing please contact me.

Ultimately, when a situation arises where a client, whether it be an individual borrower, LLC, or a corporation, etc. that either needs quick funding or doesn't fit the standard underwriting boxes with institutional lenders we can help fill that lending void.

Answers to FAQ's

I personally share the risk/reward with the investor(s) on each transaction by contributing at least 25% of the loan amount.

Funds are NOT pooled and lent on various projects that the investor does not know what they are lending on.

The trust deeds can be in both first or second lien position (second lien position loans will generally be cross-collateralized with other properties or assets).

Interest rate returns are generally 7.25% to 10%.

Terms are from 6 months up to 2+ years.

Loan amounts range from $100,000 up to $2,000,000.

Loan to value is generally up to a maximum 70% loan to value.

Monthly payments are paid to a servicing or title company and then dispersed monthly to each individual investor based on the percentage invested in the transaction.

All loans are fully underwritten in-house and the findings are disclosed to the investor prior to funding to confirm comfort level.

Loan is secured by a recorded deed of trust.

Again, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Bob McCormick