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5-Star Review

Nikki & Jaime Tejeda

Just a quick note to tell you that we recorded on time today! With that said, I’d like to thank you for getting us into this loan, but most importantly for delivering exactly what you promised! You made this process extremely easy the whole way through. I was a HUGE skeptic, mostly because I was told by others there was “no possible way” you could deliver what you had quoted me. Thank you for not pressuring me, rather educating me on how your process works and why you are able to accomplish things others cannot. The ONLY surprise I had at the signing table today was that there were NO surprises.

I will also be referring friends and family if they ever need a mortgage.

Thanks so much!!

5-Star Review

Daniel Bergher

I would like to take this opportunity to refer everyone to Bob McCormick, without a doubt, the most amazing mortgage broker I have ever met.

My wife and I are real estate investors, and own a number of homes in the Sedona Area (actually, the bank owns them, we pay the monthly mortgage) Regardless, we needed to refinance both our primary residence, and a couple of the investment homes. I did a very thorough search of all mortgage brokers in Arizona, and all roads let to Bob. He had no Better Business Complaints, no complaints with any Arizona regulatory agencies, and had been in business for many years. That is really not easy to find, especially with the advent of the internet. The last time, I just went by the lowest rate, and had a nightmare experience with an internet lender, which will remain nameless. Needless to say, this company has been excoriated all over the web.. Read More

5-Star Review

Camille S. | Escondido, CA

Bob McCormick did an excellent job of making the refinancing process work smoothly. He grouped requests together so that I did not receive lots of emails each asking for one more piece of information. He responded quickly and spent whatever time was necessary to explain the process and documents. I would certainly work with him again.

5-Star Review

Don Smith | Carefree, AZ

I have had multiple experiences with financing and refinancing loans through Bob McCormick and Mortgage Quest over the past decade. I’ve found Bob to be knowledgeable, thorough and most importantly, honest and reliable. I have recommended his service to others and would not hesitate to do so again.

5-Star Review

Bruce Lange | Scottsdale, AZ

I consider myself to have been very fortunate to have had Bob McCormick serving my mortgage needs for several years. Each experience, and there have been many, has exceeded my expectation with respect to service, value, efficiency, timeliness and convenience. I recommend Bob’s services to you highly.